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Log on to our secure database allowing you to view in real time information on your cattle on feed with us. Find out about the health, consumption patterns, breakevens, current weight, projected selling dates, and more so you are able to make the best decisions affecting your bottom line.

Farmers supplying grain and other commodities can view receivings records as well as contract status and pricing.

Click below to go to Texas Beef's extranet if you have already received a password.

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Or if you are within the company, you may select the Intranet connection.

If you are a Texas Beef customer or supplier and need a password, please contact the system administrator.

Realtime Information

Real time information is the key to informed decision making. The day of viewing a report about what happened "back when" is over and the new demand is for business operations to know what is happening NOW.

Our feeding customers may log in to the link below for real time access to all the information they need to know about their cattle on feed in our yards. This link will provide cattle inventories, marketing schedules, current weights, feeding consumption patterns and breakevens. A producer also might want to examine close outs from a selected date range in order to analyze the performance trends on certain types of cattle.

Customer Link

Our farmer suppliers can also log in under the farmer link and find important information about the commodities they are supplying to our feedyard. A farmer may want to view a wet corn contract to see how much grain remains unpriced or how many pounds were harvested off a particular tract. We also provide load by load analysis of all receivings and well as the current market price.

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Herd Health Link

Historic Information

Cattle feeders care about the history of their cattle performance. Texas Beef breaks the performance history into two categories: 1) Live animal performance; and 2) Carcass performance. Both are important and relevant components of a successful beef production.

There may be valuable relationships between live performance and carcass production and discovering the interrelationships between the two will provide a producer with the roadmap for improved profitability. We are currently tracking cattle by lots or groups but we anticipate that soon we will offer individual animal results to our customers and suppliers.


There is nothing more important than accurately predicting the outcome of the cattle you are considering placing on feed. Feed prices and markets will move and the predictions you initially established will vary from the final outcome. This does not diminish the value of the forecast but instead offers a barometer with which to compare the final results.

This Java application provides historic default input values based upon 10 years of history. This means seasonal rate of gains, energy conversions, and death loss numbers will be entered for you. The default feed cost values are based upon current feed cost and do not reflect any anticipated changes over the course of the feeding period. Final breakeven numbers will be compared to the nearest live cattle futures contract month using the last quote from the Exchange to determine a current margin projection.

* Feedyard Breakeven Projection
* Pasture Breakeven Projection




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