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Texas Beef provides a perfect opportunity for grazing operators to participate in custom designed programs that minimize risk and maximize profitable returns. These programs provide financing, staff nutrition, health support, and real time database information on your cattle -- available from this web site with proper login authorities. The delivery of current relevant information to your business is critical to informed decision making affect the profitability of your cattle operations.

These arrangements contribute important synergies to our beef production objectives. They provide quality and consistency to the animal flow along with common financial objectives with those grazing the cattle. These flexible programs can be custom designed to meet any operators needs. If you would like more information on these programs then contract Teel Curtis at 806-372-3877 ext: 113.

Preferred Suppliers

All purchases of cattle and the performance of those cattle become part of our database. Each group of cattle is assigned a rating in two important categories: 1) live animal performance; and 2) carcass performance. Based on histories of a supplier to our feedyards, we create a preferred status for people owning cattle that are either high performance cattle in the feedyard or in the processing plant or both.

The designation of a preferred supplier carries with it built in premiums when we purchase your cattle. We believe it is important to recognize those cattle owners who add value to our product. Be sure and check with out buyers to assure your cattle are tracked in this program.

Preferred supplier status also means quicker pay for grain, cattle or basic supplies. Texas Beef has a program to pay suppliers electronically and forward a copy of the payment advice by email. If you would like to participate in the program then contact us.

Pasture Ventures

Texas Beef recognizes the importance of forming alliances with other farmers and ranchers. These relationships provide the foundation for business arrangements that typically allow both parties to improve livestock productions and financial performance.

Typical arrangements allow for Texas Beef to provide the cattle for the pasture operator. These high performance cattle will provide grazing income to the pasture operator as well as affording an opportunity to participate in the profits of the cattle program. Texas Beef will finance the operation at competitive interest rates and provide support in critical areas such as animal health and nutrition through the auspices of our consulting veterinarian, Dr. John Lynch, and our nutritionist, Dr. Steve Bachman.

These arrangements allow the pasture operator to decide the level of participation in the venture. The venture can be terminated at the pasture level or it may continue through feeding and processing at the option of the operator. Price outs are possible at the time of the operator's choosing based on the feeder or fat cattle futures market at the time.

Some programs using the options on cattle futures will allow Texas Beef to offer price protected grazing programs.

For more information contact Teel Curtis at 806-372-3877 ext: 113.

Feedyard Ventures

Texas Beef views the feeding of cattle in its entirety. This means a stocker operator may benefit from a meaningful arrangement with the feedyard to finish and market the cattle and share in the profits or losses. These arrangements will provide financing and complete record keeping of all relevant data. This information will be accessed over the Internet from this web site through the customer link.

These feeding ventures also allow the participant an opportunity to join our special marketing program. Our beef is processed and segregated for marketing though our retail partners. These partners will benefit from the consistency of our product and the improved cutability.

If you are interested in this program or more information the contact us at 806.372.3877



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