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Texas Beef
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Texas Beef operates a core business of grazing and growing stocker calves on native plains grasslands. These operations include the historic Lit Ranch, as well as several other company operated ranches scattered across the Texas Panhandle. Additional Company contract grazing operations covering several hundred thousand acres of prime grazing acreage are located in Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico with more limited operation in other parts of the country. The majority of the grazing is concentrated during the April through October growing season. The Plains grasses are the strongest in this country and small calves grow into robust yearlings in a short period of time. While much of the grazing activities are little changed in the past 100 years, since cattle first started grazing this county, what we know about the cattle as they graze has changed.

Today's cattle ranching involves complex tracking systems monitoring the cattle performance. Computer programs track production data and analyze results and expectations of the animals. Texas Beef is starting with individual animal identification using passive transistors that will allow us to track several important fields of information on a particular animal such as breed, weight, health data, purchase date and location. These databases will follow the animals all the way to the supermarket.

Habitat maintenance is paramount to the success and longevity of the cattle rancher. Sustaining grazing resources must necessarily precede successful grazing operation. Texas Beef systematically monitors the vital signs of the ecological systems that are so necessary to the diversity and growth of the plants and animals on the ranch. Texas Beef has developed models for ranching operations to incorporate holistic grazing allowing the ranch to be a self-contained and sufficient operation.

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