Up Close and Personal


Information is King

http://www.tbp.com/mockup/mockup_files/images/will.png Beef production is about the numbers and good numbers are a necessary condition for making good decisions. Texas Beef has live data stores in place to track cattle and feed and the necessary financial transactions used for price points at the purchase and sale of each commodity. We have built information systems to track in real time the production of our beef whether on pasture on in the feedyard. You can access information on your cattle from a tablet, laptop, phone or PC. Some unique aspects of our information systems are:

Live Data. When cattle arrive at the feedyard, we forecast a pro-forma breakeven estimating the gain and cost associated with the gain. This forecast is then matched to the final close out to pinpoint the variances and reason for each variance. Breakeven points are available on any given day either to liquidate that day to take the cattle to finish.

Carcass results. Each lot is tracked through the packing plant and we receive data on each animal matching the carcass identification tag to our individual animal RFID tags. Understanding the relationships between medicine treatments and final carcass results as well as garnering genetic identifiers allows constant upgrading of performance.

Historical results. An examination of a linear graphs showing performance in a chronological order is the start point for improving both purchasing choices and processing options while the cattle are in our hands. Charting histories of different supplies helps us establish and improve our supply line relationships.