Up Close and Personal


Talented People

Any organization is only so strong as the people managing the business and making the everyday decisions that are critical to its success. Success is measured many different ways and some ways unknown to the customer. Texas Beef is proud to present a leadership team with years of experience and, above all, the integrity that is essential to meaningful communications between production people and customers.

The Feedyard Division is led by Dwayne Thompson, a Texas A&M graduate, who has spent his career at Texas Beef. Dwayne is familiar with all aspects of feedyard operations and is expert is animal husbandry and the sustainable practices necessary to provide an ongoing business model. Dwayne can be found mostly at Texas Beef Feedyard and can be contracted at:

Matt McLennan comes to Palo Duro Feedyard with experience both on the ranch and in the feedyard. Matt is a seasoned professional who knows how to serve a customer's needs.

Teel Curtis has several decades of experience acquiring cattle and managing pasture operations for Texas Beef. Teel is able to make competitive bids for replacement cattle and structure special deals to meet the needs of all sellers.

No business can be successful without measuring the matrix of the numbers. David Huseman puts all the numbers together both for accounting systems and cattle and feed tracking. David, an honors graduate from Texas Tech comes from a farming and ranching family and knows not only the numbers but the processes at work for beef production. David's knowledge and experience allows him to control the many risk associated with growing and harvesting cattle whether in the futures market on the insurance market.