Marketing Beef

End Products

Texas Beef markets the cattle through our processing partner — JBS, the world’s largest meatpacker. Knowing how our cattle turn into a quality beef product requires a beef plant partner and an arrangement awarding value based on carcass performance. The delivery of a consistent and reliable healthy quality beef product is the foundation for building a beef brand.

Specially selected cattle are sent to our own ranches where they are allowed to graze high protein natural grasses — forage that has no other use than animal feed. The cattle are allowed unrestricted access to the finest plains grasslands. Specially trained herdsmen check the health of our cattle daily – 365 days a year.

Selecting a cut of beef should not be a lottery or a game of Russian roulette. Texas Beef produces a beef product with the end user in mind. We want to earn your trust when you make the decision for the source of the beef that goes on your table. Our selection criteria begins months earlier and is followed by the careful care and preparation necessary to assure you of the exciting and pleasurable eating experience that can be replicated time after time.

This process begins when Texas Beef identifies those qualities and characteristics in the calves we purchase that are important in assuring a positive pleasant eating experience. With the consumer in mind, we have selected our animals based upon important criteria such as genetic markers, confirmation, breed, and overall health and age of the cattle. These qualities will provide a quality, healthful beef product free of unnecessary fat, yet tasteful and tender.

After a few months of grazing, it is time for finishing at our Texas Beef feedyards. Using specially designed rations of cooked grain, the cattle are fed a nutritionally balanced diet for a period of four to five months. Finally, when the animals reach the optimum weight, assuring the absence of unwanted fat, the specially selected animals are sent to our nearby processing partner to be cut to specifications to fit the discerning purchaser.

The result of this effort is the world’s premier beef product. Texas Beef’s product is unmatched in taste, consistency, uniformity, and cost. Finally, this competitively priced product provides the user with the ultimate in quality eating experience. If you are interested in our product, let us know.

Consumers today want to know the origins of their beef and more about how it was produced. Their needs are simple. They want a quality product that is safe and one where they can replicate the purchase time at their favorite beef counter. Future links will provide for consumers using a smart phone to scan the bar code on the beef package and link it to our website where consumers can find out more about our production.

Texas Beef believes the development of this beef program will provide the impetus for beef to regain market share by delivering more value on the production side and a more consistent taste for the consumer. We believe it is the first step in developing a truly differentiated product. The evolution of this program should offer an opportunity for Texas Beef to introduce a true branded beef product.