Feeding Ventures

Texas Beef has relationships with suppliers of cattle to our feedyards that are formed over decades and are the foundation of our business. The objectives of the suppliers may differ from group to group of cattle and we are always prepared to custom design a program to fit your needs. This means a supplier may benefit from a meaningful arrangement with the feedyard to finish and market the cattle and share in the profits or losses. These arrangements will provide financing and complete record keeping of all relevant data. The entire data of each group is available from your tablet, smart phone or PC allowing real time data of each lot of cattle.

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Grazing Ventures

Texas Beef recognizes the importance of forming alliances and partnership with farmers and ranchers in our trade area. Any valuable partnership builds on the strengths of each partner in balancing and benefiting the partnership. These relationships provide the foundation for business arrangements that typically allow both parties to improve livestock productions and financial performance. A typical arrangement with Texas Beef might provide for Texas Beef to provide the cattle for the pasture operator.

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Preferred Suppliers

Our purchases of cattle are based on performance. If you become a supplier, we start building a history of performance on your cattle both live performance and carcass performance. Those two data sets are the drivers for creating a pricing model your cattle. Each group of cattle is assigned a rating in two important categories: 1) live animal performance; and 2) carcass performance. We make adjustments to those ratings based on seasonality, implant programs, and background feeding regime.

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Contact: Teel Curtis at 806-372-3877 ext: 113, 806.372.3877 or teel@tbp.com.